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The restaurant assistant provides the necessary direction to other members of staff. He/she sees them through daily tasks and ensures they perform their assigned duties in accordance with the laid down rules of the restaurant.


  • Plan and oversee scheduling for the restaurant’s members of staff
  • Liaise with the management and staff of the restaurant to ensure provision of top quality customer services
  • Provide required training to other members of staff, both new recruits and existing staff member
  • Listen to inquiries and complaints of customers
  • Resolve any issue or disagreement among members of staff and between members of staff and customers
  • Cover up for any member of staff that is unavoidably absent from his/her duty post
  • Manage and organize all cash and paperwork duties in the restaurant
  • Ensure members of staff adapt to the sanitary standards of the organization
Restaurant floor managers delegate assignments, fill in for absent employees, and ensure customers have a pleasant experience in the establishment. They must work long or irregular hours while multitasking and being able to think clearly in emergencies.


  • The manager is responsible for the hiring, training, and disciplining of restaurant staff.
  • Managing employees requires training and communicating restaurant policies to the workers, scheduling shifts, and calling in workers when there is a gap in shift coverage.
  • Customer service duties for a restaurant manager include taking complaints and greeting customers.
  • He/She must also ensure the restaurant complies with local health and safety codes for eating establishments.
  • Managers must also perform the administrative duties for the facility, such as ordering inventory and supplies, tallying receipts, preparing deposits, and processing employee payroll.
Managing a restaurant requires extensive multi-tasking and good organizational skills, among other talents and abilities. When they are not attending to personnel needs, they're responsible for food service and administrative duties.


  • Overlooking payroll, licensing, food ordering, inspections and all sorts of other paperwork are handled by restaurant managers. These tasks require extensive training and experience, because errors can be extremely expensive.
  • Coordinating with assistant managers, and area manager to ensure that the operation is running g smoothly.
  • Overseeing maintenance and upkeep of the dining areas, kitchen, and exterior grounds of the restaurant; scheduling of staff; decisions regarding the menu; budgeting, accounting, and other financial matters; promoting and advertising the restaurant; and dealing with the legal and regulatory issues involved.
  • Being present on the premises most of the time, particularly during busy dining times or busy seasons.
  • The general manager must be skilled in handling stressful working conditions, be an excellent multitasker, and be able to deal with frequent interruptions calmly and decisively.